Daytona Beach Foreclosures

Daytona Beach Foreclosures – What You Should Know

Yes, you can get a great deal on foreclosures in Daytona Beach. But, it’s not easy. Here are a few things you should know about foreclosures:

  • You need to be right on top of the property as it comes on the market.
  • Good properties, in good locations at a low price will probably sell for more than the asking price. Yes, there are bidding wars on some of these properties.
  • Foreclosures are sold as-is. You must get an inspection and make the contract contingent on that inspection.
  • You will need proof of funds or financing to submit a contract.
  • You may only get one chance to bid in a competitive environment.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to get a great buy without putting some work into it. It is a competitive situation, especially in the lower price ranges where over 70% of all sales in Daytona Beach happen – under $200,000. You need to be dialed into properties as they come on to the market. You need to have patience and a high tolerance for frustration when dealing with REO (real estate owned) properties. Banks are struggling with the shear volume of properties they have foreclosed.

As an alternative, we have some beautiful duplexes in Ormond Beach that are very competitively priced. We are real estate professionals so we know values and have priced our duplexes to sell. Give Lynn a call at 386-566-7503 to find out more.

Daytona Beach Housing Alternative for College Students and Parents

Daytona Beach Alternatives to for College Students and Parents

Daytona Beach is home to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona State College and Bethune Cookman University. The University of Central Florida has a campus here and Florida State University medical school has a campus here. While many students stay in college dorms and off-campus rental apartments and homes, some smart parents buy a home while their children at attending local schools.

There can be some very nice advantages to buying an Ormond Beach or Daytona beach duplex for students. First room and board is going to be about $30,000 or more for four years. That money is sunk and gone after it’s paid. Dorm rooms are also very small. They do offer the convenience of being on-campus, but at the cost of space and privacy.

Some parents take the route of buying a home for students while their attending college. The economics can be impressive when you consider that a good part of the $30,000 or goes toward paying down the mortgage or stays in the parents bank account. It gets even better when roommates share the property with the student. Rent is collected and this goes towards expenses. Rent from the roommate can pay for the entire cost of carrying the property. Then at the end of four years, the property can be sold, or you can keep it as a rental property or vacation property.

A duplex can be even better for many students. Your son or daughter can live in one side, while the roommates live in the other. This gives complete privacy while still having the benefit of roommates paying rent. It can be a beautiful thing. Your tax advisor can give you some additional good reasons for buying a home for your child to live in while they’re in school.

Daytona State College has no on-campus housing, while Embry-Riddle and Bethune Cookman do not have enough for all students. It’s very likely that your child will live in off-campus housing during their college years in Daytona Beach. Why not consider purchasing a duplex and walking away will less of a dent in your bank account after four years.

For more information on our duplexes, give Lynn Byrne a call at 386-566-7503. We have several properties available right now.

FSBO – For Sale By Owner Daytona Beach

FSBO – For Sale By Owner Daytona Beach

You are a home buyer looking for the right home in the Daytona Beach area. Is there an advantage to buying a for sale by owner home?

The answer is it depends, but in this market with lots of inventory, short sales and foreclosures driving down prices, the advantage of buying a FSBO home is probably less.

We are real estate professionals. On this site we showcase Ormond Beach duplexes. Being real estate professionals, we are fully aware of market values. If you’re going to go through a bank or finance company for a foreclosure or short sale, the negotiating process can be agonizingly long (especially for short sales). If you are in the position that you need to find a home quickly, or an impatient person, you may want to avoid short sales completely. Foreclosures generally are a quicker turn around, but dealing with the owner of non-distressed properties might offer the fastest route.

Dealing with owners of FSBO owner properties can be difficult, but it can also be very pleasant. The important point is that you are looking for the best value in a properties that meets your needs. Whether that’s a FSBO or through a real estate agent, keep that point in mind.

It’s hard to beat the value of duplex units. Finding nice comparable single-family homes near the beach in Ormond Beach will be very difficult. The advantages of duplex ownership are many. Give Lynn Byrne a call at 386-566-7503 to discuss duplex ownership and what’s available.

Daytona Beach Homes – Multi-Family Options for Home Buyers

Multi-Family Options for Home Buyers


Daytona Beach homes offer a surprising variety of homes and condos for just about any budget. Most of the recent sales have come in the under $200,000 price range and there are many homes available in that range.

Options include single family homes, condos and multi-family homes.

Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Multi-Family Homes

Let’s talk about multi-family homes. Most multi-family homes in the area include duplexes and triplexes. There are larger units, but those are really apartments. Ormond Beach duplexes include some very nice units very close to beach. It’s hard to find a better value.

One of the chief advantages of duplexes is the flexibility. Owners can live in one side and rent out the other side, or treat the units as investment property and rent our both sides.

We offer some very nice units that have been beautifully renovated at prices well below what a what two similar single-family homes would sell for. The location is fantastic. Just a block from the beach. Image walking to the beach for a fantastic Florida sunrise, or a nice evening stroll on the beach.

Please contact Lynn Byrne at 386-566-7503 for more information or to discuss your options.

Ormond Beach Duplex Videos

Ormond Beach Duplex Videos

Many people more people would choose beachside living if they could afford it. Living just one block from the beach in Ormond Beach Florida has just become possible for many people. Recent declines in home prices have made duplexes near the ocean available for $159,000. You can get an idea of the high quality of these duplexes by viewing the videos below.

One Bedroom Duplex Video

The video shown below is an example of our one bedroom duplexes. Scroll down to see the two bedroom video. Our duplexes include properties that have been renovated with modern appliances, bathrooms and bathroom fixtures, tile floor and much more.

Two Bedroom Duplex Video

These two bedroom duplexes are great as a second home, rental unit or year round home. As you’ll see in the video, these units have been professionally remodeled to high standards.

Why Buy an Ormond Beach Duplex?

  • One block from the beach
  • One of the best values on the beach anywhere
  • Parks nearby
  • Shopping, restaurants, banks, post office within walking distance

For more information, call Lynn Byrne at 386-566-7503.

Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Duplexes

Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Duplexes

Duplexes are a great idea as investment properties or to live in one side and rent out the other side. Renting one side can go a long way to paying a mortgage, or can be a great source of cash.

Our Ormond Beach duplex houses are located close to the beach (less than a block) and are very desirable as rental units.

Check out the pages and posts below for more information.

Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach Duplexes Owner Financing

We offer owner financing to qualified buyers of our Ormond Beach duplexes. In these times this may just be the difference between you owning your home or continuing to rent. Yes, these are the duplexes that are just a block from the beach and close to shops, restaurants, schools and parks.

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Daytona Beach Invesment Property

Daytona Beach Area Investment Property – Ormond Beach Duplex

Ellinor Village Beachside Duplex
Live in one unit, rent the other unit or rent both for investment. Ormond Beach duplex just one block to the beach at an great price of  $179,000 or $89,500 per unit. One unit is rented for $700/mo. Prices have dropped and this property […]

Ormond Beach Investment Property

Ormond Beach Investment Property – Ormond Beach Duplex

Historic Ellinor Village
$79,500 price for each side of this Ormond Beach Duplex House. Best buy on beachside in the Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach area. Live in one side and rent the other half. Large lot, all brick, new roof, walk to beach, shopping, and restaurants. Near schools, hospital, […]

About Daytona Beach Real Estate

Daytona Beach real estate is offering tremendous buying and investing opportunities now. Duplexes are a wise option.

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About Daytona Beach Real Estate

Daytona Beach Real Estate

Daytona Beach Duplexes - Walking on the Beach

The Daytona Beach Florida real estate market is an interesting one for investors and home buyers alike right now.  In Daytona Beach real estate there is a variety of options for different styles of living and investing.  Daytona real estate offers and interesting dynamic with the city being divided by the intracoastal waterway.  Those interested in buying investment real estate might be drawn to beachside sales with close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Halifax River.  Daytona Beach still offers some of the most reasonably priced oceanfront Florida real estate out there and Daytona Beach duplexes could be ideal for you.

Finding a good deal can be tricky, with a lot of real estate for sale by owner, near foreclosure, potential short sales, and condo sales, it can be a little confusing, especially for a new investor.  With the help of a Daytona Beach real estate agent, an investor or first time home buyer has a guide through what kind be an exciting, yet trying experience of purchasing a property.  Daytona Beach Realtors can help sift through real estate listings for good deals and ideal situations that fit the individual buyers.  With the declining real estate market nearing is bottom, now is the time for smart buyers to pickup properties that best suit their needs.  There are deals to be had, so don’t wait, contact us today about real estate for sale in Florida!

New Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Duplex Site

New Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Duplex Site Launches

Welcome to our new site where we will be highlighting duplexes for sale and rent.

If you’re looking for a Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach duplex for sale or rent, you’ve found the right site.

What a great way to take advantage of the recent decline in real estate prices. You have many options. You can always rent, or, you can purchase one of these great investment properties and rent out both sides or live in one side and rent out the other.

We are offering owner financing that are easier than current bank terms, with less down payment and better interest rates.

Call Lynn Byrne at 386-566-7503 for more information.

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