Beachside Duplex Living

Many people dream of living in a beachside community. Wonderful sea breeze, walks on the beach, sunbathing, dining at a beachside restaurant are all part of living near the beach. In Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach we have the added pleasure of year-round bright sunshine.

Just a few years ago living on the beach was beyond the means of many people. Prices began rising in 2000 and went through the roof over the next five years. I was common for small homes on the beach to double and sometimes even triple in price. It’s not surprising. Homes in the Daytona Beach area were rising fast and homes on the beach were rising faster. Hey, the beach is more desirable for a lot of people.

Well, that was then and this is now. No one can say for sure that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy beach community homes at low prices. What we do know is that prices are great for buyers now.

You can get even more value if you consider a multi-family home or duplex. We have Ormond Beach duplexes available that drive the price of ownership well below what a single-family home would cost. The math is pretty simple – two duplex units are less expensive than two single-family homes. When you rent out one unit you can cover a lot of the cost of living in both units and renting on the beachside is much easier that on the mainland.

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