FSBO – For Sale By Owner Daytona Beach

FSBO – For Sale By Owner Daytona Beach

You are a home buyer looking for the right home in the Daytona Beach area. Is there an advantage to buying a for sale by owner home?

The answer is it depends, but in this market with lots of inventory, short sales and foreclosures driving down prices, the advantage of buying a FSBO home is probably less.

We are real estate professionals. On this site we showcase Ormond Beach duplexes. Being real estate professionals, we are fully aware of market values. If you’re going to go through a bank or finance company for a foreclosure or short sale, the negotiating process can be agonizingly long (especially for short sales). If you are in the position that you need to find a home quickly, or an impatient person, you may want to avoid short sales completely. Foreclosures generally are a quicker turn around, but dealing with the owner of non-distressed properties might offer the fastest route.

Dealing with owners of FSBO owner properties can be difficult, but it can also be very pleasant. The important point is that you are looking for the best value in a properties that meets your needs. Whether that’s a FSBO or through a real estate agent, keep that point in mind.

It’s hard to beat the value of duplex units. Finding nice comparable single-family homes near the beach in Ormond Beach will be very difficult. The advantages of duplex ownership are many. Give Lynn Byrne a call at 386-566-7503 to discuss duplex ownership and what’s available.

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