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Ormond Beach – Small Town Charm

Ormond Beach – Small Town Charm

We’ve partial to Ormond Beach. It’s our home and we’ve been doing business here for decades. Others appreciate small town charm too. Jay Clarke recently published an article on six Florida small towns with charm. You can see the article at Small-town charms: A half-dozen places that may steal your heart.

Mr. Clarke mentions driving on the beach and the annual Birthplace of Speed festival at Thankgiving time. He also mentions the 22-mile scenic canopy Loop Drive which is unique to Ormond Beach. The loop can be accessed by turning right when going over the Ormond Beach Bridge from the beach. You’ll see why it’s called the canopy pretty quickly as the trees join together from either side of the road to form the canopy. Head north from the bridge and enjoy.

Of course, year-round residents can enjoy the sights in Ormond Beach anytime. Although it’s warm through most of the year, the winter sun is much different from the summer sun, but each offers unique views of the local ocean, waterways and scenery.

If you’re interested in talking about Ormond Beach duplexes and living in the area, give Lynn Byrne at call at 386-566-7503. We offer nice multi-family Daytona Beach home options you may not have considered.

Why Live in Ormond Beach?

Why Live in Ormond Beach?

Great weather, brilliant sunshine, ocean breezes, food, shopping, golf, surfing, swimming, sun bathing, and … Ormond Beach, Florida has so much to offer in a less hurried, less crowded way. Over the past 15 years, 57% of all new homes have been built in the south, with Aziona, Texas and Florida with the most new building – and Florida lead the way.

Now if you enjoy crowds and traffic and congestion then south Florida or the Gulf coast may be more to your liking. But – if you like a more relaxed and comfortable lifestyle, then you need to check out Ormond Beach. Now, we do have our events like Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Spring Break and Race Weeks that bring in crowds for short periods, but most of the year is without big crowds. It’s very unusual to wait through more than one traffic signal.

We’re located on the Atlantic coast of Florida about 90 miles south  of Jacksonville and just north of Daytona Beach. Ormond Beach beachside and the mainland are separated by the Halifax River. The beachside includes low-rise condo buildings, single-family homes and multi-family homes. The mainland is mostly single-family homes and developments including planned and gated communities. Seabreeze High School is located in Ormond Beach on the beachside and most students in Ormond Beach go to high school here.

Hundreds of restaurants are open for all kinds of dining in Ormond Beach and nearby Daytona Beach. Shopping is plentiful and never more than a few minutes away. Orlando and its attractions are about an hour away.

But, the main attraction for Ormond Beach is the miles of white sand beaches and the wonderful ocean breezes. Walk on the beach, fish or enjoy a meal or drinks on the beach. It’s so hard to describe, but so easy to enjoy. Come and see for yourself.

We offer a lower cost alternative to beachside living in Ormond Beach. Our Ormond Beach duplexes, with two units, make living on the beach surprisingly affordable. Give us a call at 386-566-7503 to find out more.

Daytona Beach Housing Alternative for College Students and Parents

Daytona Beach Alternatives to for College Students and Parents

Daytona Beach is home to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona State College and Bethune Cookman University. The University of Central Florida has a campus here and Florida State University medical school has a campus here. While many students stay in college dorms and off-campus rental apartments and homes, some smart parents buy a home while their children at attending local schools.

There can be some very nice advantages to buying an Ormond Beach or Daytona beach duplex for students. First room and board is going to be about $30,000 or more for four years. That money is sunk and gone after it’s paid. Dorm rooms are also very small. They do offer the convenience of being on-campus, but at the cost of space and privacy.

Some parents take the route of buying a home for students while their attending college. The economics can be impressive when you consider that a good part of the $30,000 or goes toward paying down the mortgage or stays in the parents bank account. It gets even better when roommates share the property with the student. Rent is collected and this goes towards expenses. Rent from the roommate can pay for the entire cost of carrying the property. Then at the end of four years, the property can be sold, or you can keep it as a rental property or vacation property.

A duplex can be even better for many students. Your son or daughter can live in one side, while the roommates live in the other. This gives complete privacy while still having the benefit of roommates paying rent. It can be a beautiful thing. Your tax advisor can give you some additional good reasons for buying a home for your child to live in while they’re in school.

Daytona State College has no on-campus housing, while Embry-Riddle and Bethune Cookman do not have enough for all students. It’s very likely that your child will live in off-campus housing during their college years in Daytona Beach. Why not consider purchasing a duplex and walking away will less of a dent in your bank account after four years.

For more information on our duplexes, give Lynn Byrne a call at 386-566-7503. We have several properties available right now.

New Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Duplex Site

New Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach Duplex Site Launches

Welcome to our new site where we will be highlighting duplexes for sale and rent.

If you’re looking for a Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach duplex for sale or rent, you’ve found the right site.

What a great way to take advantage of the recent decline in real estate prices. You have many options. You can always rent, or, you can purchase one of these great investment properties and rent out both sides or live in one side and rent out the other.

We are offering owner financing that are easier than current bank terms, with less down payment and better interest rates.

Call Lynn Byrne at 386-566-7503 for more information.

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