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Ellinor Village – A Bit of History

Ellinor Village – A Bit of History

You wouldn’t know it today, but the largest family resort in Florida in the 1940s and 1950s was right here in Ormond Beach. Merrill Ellinor with his brother Byron built 660 “cottages” and apartments in Ormond Beach in the 40s. Elinor Village resort opened on May 1, 1949 with triplexes, duplexes and single family units for rent.

The resort was a real family destination with plenty of activities for kids and adults alike. Then in 1951, Merrill Ellinor purchased what is today the golf course at Oceanside Country Club. The golf course was orginally part of the Ormond Hotel. He renamed the course the Ellinor Village Country Club. 1962, the club was sold to the new Oceanside Country Club Corporation.

Today the Ormond Hotel is gone. The Ormond Heritage condominiums now sit on the site. The original cupola from the hotel sits in  a riverside park across from the condos. However, the legacy of Ellinor Village remains. The history of Ellinor Village is rich and the duplexes and triplexes that the Ellinor’s built have been modernized and renovated into beautiful homes and rental units. The properties were built rock solid with construction that just can’t be duplicated today.

Interested in Owning a Piece of Ellinor Village?

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Ormond Beach – Small Town Charm

Ormond Beach – Small Town Charm

We’ve partial to Ormond Beach. It’s our home and we’ve been doing business here for decades. Others appreciate small town charm too. Jay Clarke recently published an article on six Florida small towns with charm. You can see the article at Small-town charms: A half-dozen places that may steal your heart.

Mr. Clarke mentions driving on the beach and the annual Birthplace of Speed festival at Thankgiving time. He also mentions the 22-mile scenic canopy Loop Drive which is unique to Ormond Beach. The loop can be accessed by turning right when going over the Ormond Beach Bridge from the beach. You’ll see why it’s called the canopy pretty quickly as the trees join together from either side of the road to form the canopy. Head north from the bridge and enjoy.

Of course, year-round residents can enjoy the sights in Ormond Beach anytime. Although it’s warm through most of the year, the winter sun is much different from the summer sun, but each offers unique views of the local ocean, waterways and scenery.

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Ormond Beach – Birthplace of Speed

Ormond Beach – Birthplace of Speed

Stanley Rocket’s 1906 Land Speed Record Under Challenge

Does the name Fred Marriott mean anything to you. Well in 1906, Mr. Marriott set a land speed record right here on the sands of Ormond Beach. He drove a steam driven car, The Stanley Rocket, 127 miles per hour on the beach. That record for a steam driven car still stands today, 103 years later, but is under serious challenge in the Arizona Desert.

Daytona Beach is known as the home of speed, but Ormond Beach is the Birthplace of Speed. The forerunner of today’s NASCAR races were conducted on the flat white sands of Ormond Beach before they moved south to Daytona. Names like Olds and Stanley were regulars on the beach in Ormond.

In the Arizona desert near Edwards Air Force Base, the land steam record is under assault from a British team. The BBC reports that their initial efforts have failed due to technical problems. The British team reports that they beat the record in testing last Saturday, but test results are unofficial, so the record still stands. They will probably keep trying until they break the record, but we’re kind of hoping that old Fred Marriott and the Stanley Rocket somehow manage to hold on to the record.

Ormond Beach has a interesting history including residents like John D. Rockefellor. Winter visitors to Ormond Beach included the Duke of Windsor, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. There is a reason that these people, who could afford to winter anywhere in the world, choose Ormond Beach. But, many people have chosen to buy Ormond Beach homes for their full-time residence. It may be worth talking about. Give Lynn Byrne a call at 386-566-7503 to talk about homes in Ormond Beach and Ormond Beach duplexes.

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